What happens when combining the talents of an artist and graphic designer
of exceptional skill and creativity with those of an author, business executive and humorist with years of marketing experience?


Good things. Terrific design and copy. Unique statements capturing real emotions; funny where humor works, and deeply moving where the
situation warrants.


Svetcetera is a boutique Shop of Ideas. Svetlana Levin-Kerre is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator;  Robert Pladek a publisher with years of creative copy experience. We've worked together creating innovative and dynamic promotional pieces for law firms and small businesses and  were the creative force behind NJEsq, a colorful, feature-rich and eye-popping weekly legal news magazine.


Now we’ve designed a line of greeting cards mixing genuine sentiment, engaging original art and wit. It’s why we say our cards are:


             “Real sentiments for real life.”


Check our offerings. And if you need a special way to celebrate a special occasion with a special someone or someones give us a call. We’ll return a card, display or original expression making your memory all the more memorable.

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