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Speak your true voice. All write?

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

it was a big deal when Twitter doubled the number of available characters from 140 to 280, met with relief by most and disdain by the few wordsmiths who’d trained themselves to say as much as possible in as few as possible words. But 280 characters isn’t exactly an empty diary. It isn’t the classic 250 words per 8.5x11 inch paper. It isn’t anything, really. It is insufficient when you have something real to say. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, one of the most compelling, succinct statements in history, one of the most eloquent, ran only 1,471 characters. Limit Lincoln to 280 and nobody ever does figure out why we fought that terrible war.

T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland” runs about 15,000 words. Give Eliot 280, you make it through the first two sentences. (I’m not an Eliot fan: not sure I ever made it past 2,000 words. But you get the point.)

The massive undercompensated group of creative artists and writers at Svetcetera decided the world needs a reminder in giving expression to your voice, whatever your point of view, it is important you do so outside of social media. We are becoming a world of followers, adopting the opinions of others as our own 280 characters at a time at best, without adding the qualifiers so essential to studied, valuable opinions and valuable decisions. So we’re presenting a group of cards emphasizing the point. We call them “Bob Says”…but what Bob really wants is for YOU to ‘says’.

Greeting cards aren’t exactly bull pulpits. They are one on one, or one TO one expressions of whatever you want expressed. But in making you write, really write, they make you think, really think on your own, not with a “like” or thumbs up, or re-re-re-Tweet. You have to take ownership.

Try it, before you lose your voice and become no more than someone, anyone and everyone else’s.

note: Found this cool article on why you should write something every day. And no, Tweeting doesn’t count.

wordcount: 345

character count: 2,072

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